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Why choose us

inLingo was Created by Professional Interpreters

…and here are the main reasons why:

Promote and Support Proper Training

Being bilingual is not a profession. To become a Professional Interpreter and/or Translator requires proper training and specific Certifications. Training is a requisite to work with inLingo. Nevertheless, we support and assist bilingual individuals who want to become Professional Interpreters and/or Translators through many resources and a scholarship program.

Create a Fair, Win-Win Situation

As you can see in the diagram above, Professional Linguists (Interpreters and Translators) are typically underpaid. On the other hand, we feel that Clients are overcharged for the wrong reasons. In the list of inLingo’s priorities, the bottom line stays where it belongs…at the bottom. We focus mainly on the quality of the services we offer and our Client’s needs.

Support the Community

We believe that the greatest accomplishment in life is to be able to help others. On May 30th 2019, we decided to put together a Team of Volunteer Interpreters and Translators to assist all nonprofit organizations helping victims of human trafficking. That’s how the “One 4 All” Program was created…

and this is just the beginning! LEARN MORE

A little Bit of History…

Alessandra Campana

Our Founder, Alessandra Campana received her degree as an Interpreter and Translator (Italian<>English – Italian<>French) after 5 years of courses in technical and literary translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at the Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori of Rome, Italy.

Her love for knowledge and her innate curiosity in all types of subjects, from literature to technology, from philosophy to science, lead her to accumulate years of experience in multiple fields.

2019 is the third year that finds her in the AAIT (Atlanta Association of Interpreters and Translators) Board of Directors.

As a translator, she helped Microsoft and Amazon with their website Localization and she proudly volunteers for the ongoing translation of the application ShareTheMeal, an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme.

As an Interpreter she has almost 30 years of experience in remote interpretation as well as on site consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. She likes to describe the highlight of her career as her “drop the headset” moment on the two occasions she had to interpret for Pope Francis.

…And Then There was inLingo…

Many interpreters of languages that are not as frequently requested as Spanish, French, Mandarin, etc., find themselves having to work from home to make ends meet.

So far, the companies they could work for, paid them very little, simply because they could find bilingual individuals, with no training or certifications, that would accept low rates. The company would provide a light in-house training as part of their on-boarding process and unqualified interpreters would be put on the field, taking medical and legal calls and great responsibilities.

On August 29th, 2017, Alessandra got fed up and decided to take matters in her own hands.

On October 5th, 2017, H Lingo was founded. The letter H is the symbol for Hospitals more or less everywhere in the world, and at the beginning, Healthcare was the company’s main focus due to the high demand.

Little by little, the company took shape, changed its name to inLingo, and as of the beginning of 2019, we are so proud of what we have accomplished.

After watching these videos, you will have a better idea of why training is crucial. They describe the complexity of note-taking and the challenges of all techniques of interpretation: consecutive, chuchotage and simultaneous

inLingo is a proud Corporate Member of the Prestigious Associations listed below

Our Core Values

Love for Customer Service

We Believe Passion Is Key

To Providing The Utmost Customer Service

At inLingo, our mission is to create meaningful connections. We are guided by our passion for helping others through continuous support and dedicated attention to ALL communities. inLingo offers customized interpretation services that fit the client’s needs in very individual ways, not through common, mass call center responses.

We are motivated by our love of languages and communication, our will to advocate for proper training and certifications giving Professional Interpreters and Translators the rates they deserve. Subsequently, our Clients will receive more value for their investment at a fairer price.

inLingo is Projected into the Future

We Love New Technologies, but…

We Believe that it’s the People in it that Make the Difference.

Our primary focus is to offer Multilingual and Multimedia (Video & Audio) Remote Interpretation Services available 24/7, 365 days a year, so that we can serve local, national, and international clients. Today’s technologies allow us to do that effortlessly. Nevertheless, it is people that make the difference.

Check out the following video to understand our philosophy:

Let’s break down Language barriers together!