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Every Business is Different

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when establishing a price.

We like to tailor each proposal and customize it for each client according to their necessities.

Click on the diagram to the left to have an idea of inLingo’s practice.

Below you can find a general pricing list for businesses with a low or standard usage.

LEGENDA: OPI (Over the Phone Interpretation) – VRI (Video Remote Interpretation) – RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation)

  • Individual
    • $ 0 Monthly
    • $0
      RSI *$3.10
      Minimum minutes **90
      Written Translation***$0.20/w
      Cultural Competency Consultation 30 mins$65
      Cultural Competency Consultation 1 hour$100

  • Small Business
    • $ 50 Monthly
    • Paid Yearly 15% off$510
      RSI *$2.90
      Minimum minutes **60
      Written Translation***$0.19/w
      Cultural Competency Consultation 30 mins$60
      Cultural Competency Consultation 1 hour$95

  • StartUp
    • $ 100 Monthly
    • Paid Yearly 15% off$1,020
      RSI *$2.70
      Minimum minutes **45
      Written Translation***$0.18/w
      Cultural Competency Consultation 30 mins$55
      Cultural Competency Consultation 1 hour$90

  • Corporate
    • $ 150 Monthly
    • Paid Yearly 15% off$1,530
      RSI *$2.50/m
      Minimum minutes **30
      Written Translation***$0.17/w
      Cultural Competency Consultation 30 mins$50
      Cultural Competency Consultation 1 hour$85

* 2 interpreters alternating every 30 minutes.

** The minimum ammount of minutes charged per call.

***Price to be determined by project. The creation of glossaries for your industy and proofreading are included.

Included in your package

Application for OPI, VRI and the audio for SI (Android and iOS - Smartphones and Tablets)
Video conference calls for up to 300 participants (Zoom)
Screen sharing, Interactive White board, File sharing and chat (Public and Private) included in the conference
Video and audio Recording of the Conference calls
Handpicked Team of Interpreters assigned to your company (Same interpreters each time)
Cancel Anytime (no refund of memberships)
Dedicated Account Manager