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Non Profit Organizations

inLingo offers unique options for non-profit organizations

with humanitarian objectives under our new Program:


Our Interpreters with Wings can assist small non-profit organizations

without a budget for language services on a volunteer basis.

Humanitarian organizations with a budget will be guaranteed our lowest prices.

(This special pricing will only impact inLingo’s profits, not the linguists’ fees)

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Giving a Voice to Non-Profit Organizations

Helping The LEP and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities

If your 501(c) (3) organization is providing services to the Limited English Proficient (LEP) and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities, then you may follow the Federal regulations of compliance, and this is especially true if your organization is providing any medical service. We understand the intimate nature of many non-profit clients and guarantee the utmost confidentiality and professionalism from our interpreters and translators.

Some of the Non-Profit Organizations and 501(c) (3) Agencies That Can Benefit From Our Services Are:

Homeless Shelters

Food Banks

Health Clinics

Recovery Community Organizations

Cooperative Hospital Service Organizations

Mental Health Services Organizations

Social Advocacy Groups

Social Welfare Organizations

Immigration and Refugees Services Organizations

Educational Support Organizations

We feel building relationships is critical in the world we live in

And for our part, we seek to give a voice to those in the LEP and Deaf and Hard of Hearing populations via confidential, compassionate and accurate interpretation and translation services.