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Do you need Interpretation or Translation Services?

Do you know the difference?

Here is what you need to know first…


Interpretation and Translation require different skills.

Download our fun Infographic with the details.

Like this AT&T commercial says

“Just OK is not OK”.

Professional Interpreters and Translators have a great responsibility, and you don’t want to leave your health, your legal matters, and your business’ future in the hands of an amateur.

Details are critical, even the smallest ones.

Most of the time, the mare translation of words, whether spoken or written, does not convey the same message, the same concept.

Why video is better

Even in our personal lives, being able to see family and friends,

instead of just hearing their voice, is a much better experience.

Human communication is based 55% on body language – 38% on tone – 7% on words

When it comes down to Interpreting, a Video call is proven to be

as much as 50% shorter than audio-only, therefore more cost-effective.

inLingo is owned and managed by Interpreters and Translators.

This concept makes communication between inLingo and Clients much more efficient, and it allows us to create highly personalized and customizable services.

But that’s not all…

Please visit the “Why Choose Us” page for more details.

Our Services

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Via smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac, inLingo’s Trained and Certified Interpreters will give you a different level of experience. Rather than just landing on any interpreter from an impersonal call center, at inLingo, we work with you to evaluate your company or organization’s unique needs. From there, we will develop a customized program providing you with your very own Interpreters’ Team, creating a long-lasting rapport that will save you time and money.

Being that human communication is based

  • 55% on body language
  • 38% on tone
  • 7% on words

A Video call is proven to be as much as 50% shorter than audio-only, therefore more cost-effective.

Over the Phone/Audio Interpretation

Via your classic phone line or by selecting the audio-only option on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, you will have access to Professional Interpreters that are not simply bilingual. We see our services as more than just converting words to another language. We understand that clear, precise, and accurate communication is critical to reaching our clients’ goals.

Translation & Localization

Translation is an art that cannot be left in the hands of machines. No matter how advanced modern technologies are, relying on software for communicating crucial information is a risk we don’t want our clients to run. Our Team of trained Translators will leave no room for error or misinterpretation, delivering accurate material on time, every time.

inLingo provides Linguists with particular expertise in Software and Web Content Localization.

Cultural Competency

inLingo Interpreters can help you learn more about your client so that you can have a greater impact during your meetings: you can focus on what is relevant to them, use the proper etiquette and leave a memorable impression. A thirty minutes to one hour consultation with a native of the country you want to do business with, will make a tremendous difference.

  • Marcia West - Colonial Life & Accident

    On Demand Remote Interpretation: It saves businesses and professional practices in the cost of language translation and interpretation.

    Judge J. - McHenry County IL

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    Derek Pinson

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    Metro Strategies

    Simultaneous Interpretation on Zoom: I want to extend a much deserved thank you for your contributions in both of our community meetings. Both community... read more

  • Karen H.

    Interpretation: Their love for accurate interpretation and translation is unbeatable! You won’t find this kind of care and attention anywhere else.... read more

    L.E. - Champaign County IL

    Tigrinya Interpreter - Court: He was very professional, understood the nature of the hearing, and was very prompt in interpreting the questions and testimony.... read more

    Sandra Castillo

    Interpretation & Translation Projects: inLingo LLC has been very responsive in providing good quality and professional translations. The interpretation services has also been excellent.... read more


    Software Localization Project: Absolutely recommend working with InLingo. Alessandra was highly responsive and attentive to the type of translation and requirements. Very fast... read more

  • Bob H. - Studios Web Design

    Website Localization: They are amazing!
    I was impressed with their attention to detail, knowledge of their industry, quick response time, and friendly...
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    A.M. - Jackson County IL

    Interpretation - Court: We called on InLingo at the last minute when our regular court interpreter was unexpectedly out sick. The interpreter... read more

    The Legacy - President

    Interpretation - Translation - Voiceover: As a non for profit organization involved in the public sector between two different countries, it is extremely important for... read more

    Dianna D. - RN, QA - Lake City

    Video Remote Interpretation: It was a success!!!
    It was as great of an experience! Thanks again for your help – you have helped me...
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  • Giuseppe A. - Ceccato

    On Demand Remote Interpretation: I travel to different countries all year round and having easy access to such professional Interpreters on my smartphone and... read more

Who we serve

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Interpretation and Translation Services That Build Trust

“We Don’t Speak The Language”, Is No Longer An Acceptable Excuse. Imagine having an urgent medical issue while traveling in another country. Trying to communicate critical information such as drug allergies, existing chronic illness or symptoms can be vital to receive quick and accurate treatment. inLingo provides interpretation and translation services for medical providers, as well as legal and corporate businesses across the world.

English is not our only pivot language.

We can offer any language combination and assist at a global level.

If your business is seeking to communicate better in the global marketplace, we are here to design a program that is cost effective and unique to your specific company’s needs.

inLingo understands that interpreters can be required at any hour of the day and night as well as in different time zones. An executive in China at 9am on Tuesday, may need to speak about critical schematic requirements from a company in Atlanta where it is 9pm on Monday. That is why inLingo uses the latest communication technology and interpretation software available in the industry to deliver crucial interpretation services 24/7, 365 days a year.  Offering our services remotely allows our certified interpreters to conduct sessions that are customized to your company’s needs, when you need them!

Let’s break down Language barriers together!