Interpretation and translation services for Attorneys and Law Firms.

Our interpreters and translators have specific certifications and solid legal backgrounds.

During the last 6 years, inLingo has provided interpretation and translation services to various clients: Law firms and attorneys, courts, healthcare, Non-profit organizations, call centers, Banks and financial institutions, etc.

Reliability and stability are two core values our clients look for when choosing an interpretation and translation services provider.

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A few Testimonials

The Polish Interpreter was clear, comfortable, and polite. The Interpreter appeared to be well understood by the defendant appearing before me. The experience left me with a high degree of confidence the language was being accurately translated.


Tigrinya Interpreter - Court: He was very professional, understood the nature of the hearing, and was very prompt in interpreting the questions and testimony. He was also willing to accommodate the Defense Attorney's request for a few minutes alone to speak with his client. The willingness to interpret directly with the attorney and Defendant allowed the attorney to explain the proceedings to his client.

L.E. - County IL

Interpretation - Court: We called on InLingo at the last minute when our regular court interpreter was unexpectedly out sick. The interpreter did a wonderful job interpreting our busy traffic docket.

A.M. - County IL

Thank you for your help this morning. Everyone was raving about the Romanian Interpreter – the court security officer, one of our staff Spanish interpreters. The high quality of his work was more than evident.

N.K. - County IL

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  • Every Interpreter in our Team has a solid legal background. 
  • 200 + languages, including American Sign Language and Mayan Languages from Central America.
  • You will have access to Remote on-demand and pre-scheduled services.
  • Fair pricing. Only pay for what you use.
  • We comply with every data privacy regulation worldwide.
  • Our application for on-demand remote interpretation is secure and user-friendly.
  • 200 free minutes of on-demand interpretation as a welcome bonus!
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