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inLingo was created for you

Our company is owned and managed by Professional Interpreters and Translators. Learn More.

It was founded to advocate for proper Training and Certifications and give Professional Interpreters and Translators the rates they deserve!

Here’s the list of must-haves for joining our Team – If you are bilingual and want to learn more about becoming a Professional, please contact us.

Professional Interpretation and/or Translation Training*

Medical/Legal Certification if you would like to serve these industries

HIPAA Certification for Medical Interpreters

Background Check (Less than 1 year old - It can be provided during the onboarding process)

One (1) year of experience minimum.

Legally allowed to work in the country of residence.

Being able to complete a W9 or W8

* On a case to case basis, we may consider three (3) years or more of experience as training.

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Our 80/20 rule

inLingo was created to give fairer rates to Professional Interpreters and Translators.

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