Founded, Owned & Managed by Professional Interpreters

100% Women Owned Company providing Quality Language Services

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional, yet affordable, language services in order to give businesses and entities of any size the opportunity to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We created inLingo to improve the remote interpretation experience,
promote and support proper training, create a fair win-win situation
for clients and linguists alike.
Our Profession

Being bilingual is not a profession.
And to be recognized as a Professional Interpreter or Translator, you need proper training and specific Certifications. While training is the minimum requirement to work with inLingo, we support and assist bilingual individuals who wish to become Professional Linguists through many resources.

Fair Pricing

Professional Linguists (Interpreters and Translators) are typically underpaid. On the other hand, we feel that Clients pay high prices for the wrong reasons. Consequently, in the list of inLingo’s priorities, the bottom line stays where it belongs, at the bottom. We focus mainly on the quality of our services and our Client’s needs.

Support the Community

We believe that the most significant accomplishment in life is to be able to help others. So on May 30th, 2019, we decided to put together a Team of Volunteer Interpreters and Translators to assist all nonprofit organizations assisting victims of human trafficking.

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Our Core Values
Passion is the Key

inLingo's vetting process has a unique and mandatory requirement: Passion!
Being an interpreter or a translator is not just a job; it requires a deep passion for communication, languages, cultures, and helping others. Therefore, we always look for that spark in the eyes of our potential candidates.

Small Enough to Care

Yet, big enough to impress!
inLingo is proud of being the type of business that can be dedicated and attentive to details. We can be flexible and focused on quality over quantity while still able to handle businesses of any size, 24/7/365.

We Love New Tech, But…

Technology is just a tool, and the people behind it make the difference! Our focus is to offer businesses multilingual and multimedia (video and audio) Remote Interpretation Services. Modern technology allows us to do that effortlessly. Nevertheless, we like to give it a special touch to deliver a more personal experience.

inLingo is Projected into the Future

Check out the video above to understand our philosophy.

Customer Service for us is Personal

At inLingo, our mission is to create meaningful connections. Our passion for helping others guides us to support and dedicate attention to ALL communities. inLingo offers customized interpretation and translation services that fit the client’s needs in unique ways, not through common, mass call center responses.

After watching these videos, you will better understand why training is crucial. They describe the complexity of note-taking and the challenges of all interpretation techniques: consecutive, chuchotage, and simultaneous.
Let’s break down Language barriers together!
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