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One 4 All Program

Helping Others is the Core of our Profession. Nevertheless, We Took it a Step Further

At inLingo, we pride ourselves on offering Professional Linguists
abroad the same rates we offer to our US-based linguists.
Oftentimes, we offer Professional Linguists living in countries with a
lower cost of living much higher rates than what they are requesting.
Witnessing the impact on their livelihood is priceless.
This practice gave us the idea of empowering less fortunate communities
by offering free interpreter training programs.
Our goal is to give the tools to build a career, pay well and inspire entrepreneurship.
The program is currently focused on Central and South America.

Do you think you can help?

If you think you can bring connections, resources, or anything that could help our endeavor,
even just your personal support and your beautiful smile, please reach out to us!