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Remote Interpreting in a Socially Distanced World

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Can you name a single industry that has not been impacted (for better or worse) by the COVID-19 pandemic? In the case of bilingual interpretation, mostly all have had to learn to move with the times and adapt technologically. Zoom has become a go- to platform not just for conference meetings and...

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Roberta Barroca Gives a Fresh Perspective

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"A bit over a year ago, I wrote the article “Remote Interpreting: Not Even Remotely as Much Fun.” I focused on the FUN FACTOR involved in the interpreter’s lifestyle and how RSI platforms were the 1984 Terminator cyborg mercilessly killing all the fun. Since the start of the current pandemic,...

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“Learn to collaborate with the inevitable” Claudia Vianello (My mom)

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When my grandmother was a teenager, on Sundays, she used to have so much fun going to Piazza D’Armi (Torino, Italy) to watch these guys:     And some years later, as an adult, she witnessed this:     Remember when it used to cost an arm and a leg to make an international...

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